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SARS Reference is a medical textbook that provides a comprehensive overview of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Access to the online version is free.

Under certain conditions, the editors and the authors might agree to remove the copyright on SARS Reference for all languages except English and German. You could therefore translate the content of SARS Reference into any language and publish it under your own name - without paying a license fee.



Third Edition

170 pages, PDF, 1.7 MB

Third Edition - October 2003

Comment in:
Science 2004, 5655:149


Copyright removal



1. Timeline

2. Virology

3. Transmission

4. Epidemiology

5. Prevention

6. Case Definition

7. Diagnostic Tests

8. Clinical Presentation and Diagnosis

9. SARS Treatment

10. Pediatric SARS

Other Languages

Chinese (1st Edition)
French (3rd Edition)
Greek (3rd Edition)
Italian (3nd Edition)
Portuguese (2nd Edition)
Romanian (2nd Edition)
Spanish (1st Edition)
Vietnamese (3rd Edition)

Contributing Authors

Christian Drosten, Hamburg

Arthur Chun-Wing Lau, Hong Kong

Wolfgang Preiser, Frankfurt

Loletta Kit-Ying So, Hong Kong

Loretta Yin-Chun Yam, Hong Kong




General Disclaimer

The editors and the authors of SARSReference.com might agree - under certain conditions - to remove the copyright on their book for all languages except English and German.

Please see the conditions under which you may benefit from this offer.